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  • More than 10 years

    Dedication in Android device management

  • 500 million+

    Downloads and counting

  • 4.3 stars

    From 600,000+ reviews on Google Play

Award-winning MDM Solution

Trusted by users & media around the world

Everything you need to manage and support Android devices

Hear from our customers

"AirDroid Business has been a critical asset to remotely administrating our mobile devices. Easy to setup with powerful customization and management features."

Joshua Duerksen, IT & Business Intelligence

Fortune Transportation, United States

Awesome software to update and fix issues remotely with android devices

“The speed and ease of updating android media boxes. I use this app on a daily basis and would be lost without it. I recommend if you are planning to remotely access and update android boxes get this service"

Bryan G. | President

Source: G2.com, Inc

"AirDroid Business allows us to have full access to all our device despite distance - The Teamviewer for Android ! And our main clients and partners love it too."

Stephane Valcauda, CEO

Aji Digital, France

"Aura manages a Global fleet of Android Media players for our customers. Have the ability to centrally manage the fleet remotely including pushing application updates and remote controlling devices, speeds up the support time for our customers and keeps their devices up to date all of the time, saving hours, and the costs of travelling to site."

Andy Smith, Product Specialist

Aura Futures, United Kingdom

"We have over 1,000 devices across the country, that are used by field workers who are constantly moving around. Using AirDroid Business we're able to closely monitor the devices and manage the deployment of our application from our central office. This enhances makes our deployment of applications easier and quicker."

Tiledi Kekana, Director

Esoftware Solutions, South Africa


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